The Assessment Centre gives to management the opportunity to see the employees’ skills and actions at work and to understand whether a prospective employee possesses a sound qualification for a certain position.

The Assessment Centre significantly increases the objectivity level of the selection process (up to 65%, the studies show). Following the interviews, it can change the order of the short-listed candidates. 

Setting up an Assessment Centre proves very useful when you take decisions in these situations:

  • Recruitment
  • Team’s development
  • Promotion of the potential leader/talent
  • Projects of organisational adjustment

Stages within the Assessment Centre

  • Setting the specific competencies to be assessed
  • The identification of the competencies and their conversion to measurable behavioural indicators
  • Feedback / Reports
  • Sessions of Individual Feedback

Employed Methods:

  • Role plays
  • Group activities
  • Case studies
  • Behavioural interviews
  • Presentations
  • Assessment of values and of motivational triggers

Taking part in an Assessment Centre is an interesting experience for both assessed and assessors.

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