HASHERA was established with the aim of supporting managers in their goal towards harmoniously developed companies. Side by side with the managers, we set up the right conditions leading to increased employees’ satisfaction along the expected productivity.

HASHERA is based on values traceable in virtually any interaction:

• Continuous development

• Enthusiasm

• Optimism

• Flexibility

Why us, Why HASHERA?

Local and International Experience

Over 13 years of experience in consultancy as well as in HR management, both locally and internationally, with international teams.

Professionalism and Passion

We provide you with tailored and targeted solutions based on experience, emotional intelligence, and passion. First and foremost, we are focused on people, their well-being, and the company’s performance.

Special blend of expertise

Strategic expertise resulted from membership in the local and international board of a multinational company. This is blended with the HR Manager experience and the insights of a psychologist.

A large range of covered fields

We provide you consultancy in diverse fields: engineering, energy, infrastructure, transport, FMCG, real estate, retail, BPO, constructions, and others.

The Pros of collaborating with an external consultant

Applies psychological insights for a better understanding of the possible roots of work dissatisfaction and offers solutions for the improvement of employees’ life quality.

Studies the productivity, the management style, and connects the strategic needs of the company to the employees’ needs. Makes suggestions on how to increase the employees’ involvement

Builds development plans for the key employees and proposes strategies for developing the talents.

Offers an external, objective, as well as professional perspective, vital for those instances when the organisation carries out analyses and HR sensitive processes.

The combination of experience, passion and involvement has lead to lasting relationships with our customers; it has also led to original solutions as answer to complex projects, finally, to their fulfilment in a successful and satisfactory way. Our proposed solutions stem from knowledge and experience in the HR field, neuroscience studies and positive psychology.

We are looking forward to meeting you and to collaborating with you!