A wide range of covered industries, tens of satisfied customers, hundreds of projects carried out with passion.

Adriana Mituca


"Are you looking for someone experienced in the most important HR processes (like recruitment, performance management, learning and development), who has strong coaching skills and who is also able to understand the business? Maybe it is not very difficult to find a person like this (if you search a little bit 😊). BUT, if you want all of that AND a real partner for discussions who can help you build on your ideas and your specific needs, a great listener, a very flexible person who hasn’t lost her curiosity, someone passionate about her work – then I will strongly recommend you to work with Camelia!"

Daniela Scripcariu


"If you need to continue your business in a sustainable way, or you need to improve your activities, or to boost the business, to be able to adapt it with the right speed to the challenging future, ask Camelia for her support and assistance! She is a professional business consultant and HR expert, using to work for international or Romanian companies. I have had the opportunity to work with her for more than 12 years; Tractebel Group, as well as myself, have been very pleased by Camelia’s performance in Europe and in Romania. She is an engaged colleague or consultant, she can adapt and identify solutions tailored to your business needs; while valorizing her experience, maturity of ideas and empathy. She is full of energy and positive approach, exactly what any business needs today! I look forward to have new projects with Camelia Tatarau!"

Andrei Pîrvulescu


"I would like to take this opportunity to recommend an outstanding business consultant that completed a HR consulting job here at Red Bull Romania. With her knowledge and expertise gained from years of analyzing various industries, Camelia and her team were demonstrating skills and knowledge in every aspect of our project, concluding the some phases of our Performance Management Process way before deadlines. Organized and diligent, Camelia quickly learned systems and process that were unfamiliar to her when she first started working in our project, and she also attended optional meetings, just to understand better our needs. Having this said, I strongly recommend Hashara’s services to any organization!"

Petruța Ioniță


"I first met Camelia during an Assessment Center she organized. She impressed me with her skill set, passion, authenticity and immediately gained my trust. Paired with her extensive experience in HR and Career Development, she was a natural choice for me when I decided to work with an Executive Coach.
Camelia is a careful listener who asks powerful questions that facilitate reflection, problem solving and the pursuit of goals.
With her guidance and open-minded approach, I identified areas where I could improve myself as a leader. Camelia was instrumental in challenging me to adopt new perspectives and achieve my development objectives."

Oana Ciobanu

HR & CSR Manager

“I had the opportunity to know Camelia and Hashera during important recruitement projects. Like client I was impressed by her character and by her professionalism.

She displayed a high level of involvement, adaptability and perseverance and a customer oriented attitude and behavior.

During our projects she was always concerned to helping us to achieve our goals and she gave her best.

She is a very good professional in human ressources area, a very good team worker and a reliable partner in business.”

Marc Lepiece


"Camelia has a very high EQ which allows her to lead any kind of change process impacting managers/staff behaviours. She had a high level of performance in talent management and managed all HR processes with success in a company having faced both growth and business decrease during in the last 10 years. Camelia has a natural leadership and charisma allowing her to influence or to coach others."

Bogdan Bălănică

Project manager

"I was fortunate to work with Camelia at the beginning of my career. Over the course of 5 years, I saw her enthusiasm and capabilities to contribute to people development and her devotion to company culture, during good or bad times in the bussines. I am thankful that she was there during my early years in the workfield and also grateful that she helped put a great foundation stone in my professional development. I would recommend Camelia as an HR professional, with high moral values and interested in people's development."

Dimitri Lauf


"I enjoyed very much working with Camelia over the past year within our international HR network. I experienced her as a driven, dynamic and positive all-round HR professional. She is without any doubt a caring HR Manager with strong business acumen and a focus on organizational & people development. I wish you all the best and hope our HR roads will continue to cross !"

Oana Marin


"I have never met anyone like Cami😊 She is kind and passionate and with professionalism she makes everything clear and easy to understand. With her gentle but strong approach she knows the importance of listening and coming up with solution. Thank you for our collaboration that have shaped my career and professional life. Your mentoring has meant much to me!"

Marin Ioniță


"Camelia is one of the most talented and passionate HR professionals I have ever met. Not only she handles recruitment very well (in terms of communication, clarity and expertise), but she is permanently focused on the people, always trying to identify all aspects of their activities, in order to obtain maximum results and maximum satisfaction. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with Camelia."

Mădălina Falfară


"I recommend Camelia not only because she probably gave me my best interview experience, but also for the person she is. As a true professional, she knows when to listen but also when to step in, she is extremely dedicated and motivated in the projects she’s involved in. It is my great pleasure to recommend Camelia as the best HR professional I have worked with so far."