• Would you like to get through efficiently to your employees so that they are motivated and involved?

Hashera will help you spot the best way to communicate the changes within company, to disseminate information in an accurate and comprehensive manner. These practices answer to the employeesÔÇÖ questions and trigger their involvement as seen in the desire to enthusiastically contribute with fertile energy to their everyday work.

  • Have you recently noticed that your team is demotivated, hence you would like to reconnect with them? Do you feel that the effect of your proposals does not equal your emotional and financial investment?

Hashera can help you understand what stands at the root of the altered communication with the team, consequently, to identify the most suitable communication manner with the employees, by using the right channels and the right language, which will eventually improve the rapport with your team.

  • Do you work based on unwritten laws and regulations but do you think it would be useful to write down and standardise your internal regulations?

Hashera can draft the Employee Code of Regulations, which can help you with:

-Making the new employees a part of the team

-Communicating all organisational features that should be known by the employees

-Internal procedures

-Funny Facts ­čśŐ

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