Executive Coaching is targeted at those who have recently taken up the role of manager or they are developing managers.

  • This type of coaching can radically change the behaviour, but particularly the mindset of the manager.
  • All studies have demonstrated that the benefits of this type of coaching are both organisational and personal.
  • Thanks to experience and to the application of a well-thought strategy, the coach helps managers expand their previous limitations, balance personal-life challenges with those of work, decrease stress level at work place, and,  implicitly, increase the company’s performance.
  • Thanks to this type of coaching, handling new analytical approaches, the manager succeeds to discover genuine solutions, options, resources or answers.  
  • How do we choose the right coach? You might wonder: How can an external professional assist me in taking the decisions, considering that I am the one that has the most accurate representation of the given context?  The work of the famous Milton Erickson provided one of the most inspired answers to this type of question: `There are some things that you know, but you do not know that you know. Your development begins once you have learnt what you did not know that you know`.

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