We provide a clear, insightful analysis of what is functional and what is dysfunctional in the company. We envisage an action plan meant to address the roots of dysfunctionality and to prevent their re-emergence. The Oganisational Diagnosis is useful and necessary in any stage of the company’s existence.

Being targeted and sharp, the employed tools are valuable since the resulting information can help identify the most efficient and accurate measures:

  • Individual interviews

These are based on a survey inspired by Herzberg’s motivational theory. Thanks to a series of specific questions, we assess in depth the employees’ motivation and dissatisfaction degrees. This tool has recorded outstanding results in finding out the real reasons of dissatisfaction and the incentives  leading to motivation. The employees like this tool because they feel they are listened to, they are paid attention, and, finally, these kinds of meetings are open and constructive. 

  • The Internal Survey

Consists of disseminating an anonymous fill out form which aims at finding out the employees’ perceptions and suggestions in relation to various aspects. The advantage stems in that the management has quick access to important information which would help them take management decisions concerning employees. 

  • 360-degree Feedback

This tool is implemented when you intend to find out the employees’ perception with reference to the management team, as well as to measure the impact of the quality of the managerial actions on the employees. It can be used as a complement to those tools that already identified the connection between employees’ dissatisfaction and the managerial actions. It can be used as an aid designed to contribute to boosting the managerial team’s level. This type of feedback focuses on the assessment of the managerial team via involvement of the colleagues in all levels of the company. This type of feedback ensures a comprehensive evaluation of each of the company’s managers. Plans of Personal Development can be set up based on this feedback, as well as follow-ups conceived to assert the changes of perceptions among the employees.

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